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Introducing Terrella

Terrella: Close Encounters

Understand the gravity of the situation

Bend the forces of nature to your will in Terrella by creating gravity or anti-gravity to guide Terrella to the goal. We start by introducing a few concepts, namely orbs, and how their color and Terrella’s interact to affect her movement. Once you mastered the basics, additional elements such as gates, switches, and even black holes, are added to the mix to make reaching that goal ever more challenging.

Terrella: The Snake

Unapologetically challenging

Terrella is an easy game to learn but difficult to master. We’re from the old school philosophy of game design where mastery of a game took real effort but the satisfaction of finally making it through a level or earning a new high score made it all worthwhile. Okay we did make one concession with the addition of Terrella’s pal, Boost, but his help will only take you so far.

Terrella: The Suck

Challenge your friends

Terrella is a lot of fun solo, but adding one or more friends to mix takes the game to another level. All the same rules apply in multiplayer which means that a player’s color affects other players as well. Use this to your advantage to pull them back to you or push them into a deadly obstacle. You can also challenge your friends through Apple’s Game Center to beat your high scores earned in single player mode.

Terrella: Level Picker

Play as you go

These days, many games are riddled with advertisements or require the purchase of in game items to do well, or even to win. Many games seem deliberately designed to extract as much money as possible from players. We took a different approach. Our first priority was to create a great game. Terrella contains no advertising and makes well over half of the content free. A single in-app purchase unlocks the rest. Terrella even allows you to play the levels in whatever order you like, unlike other games which charge for this privilege.

Terrella: Piledriver

Experience Terrella

We think Terrella is a unique and imaginative game that will challenge and reward you, but it’s hard to do it justice with some words and a handful of pictures. Why not experience Terrella for yourself and download it free from the App Store today?

Terrella is waiting.


Freebies are free levels that are not included in the regular release of Terrella.
To add them, open this page on your iOS device in Safari, tap on one of the images below and select Open In Terrella.

  • Terrella level: Tweet

    Tweet - a nod to our loyal twitter followers

  • Terrella level: 360 iDev

    360 iDev - created for attendees of 360|iDev 2014 in Denver

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    If you like puzzle games and are ready for a real challenge, then Terrella is a great option.
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    This is probably one of the most fun games I’ve tried in a long time, and I’ll definitely be revisiting it again and again.