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Super Speller block hunt game

New AR Block Hunt game!

We've added a new hangman style game in Super Speller version 5.1. The new Block Hunt game uses Apple's ARKit technology to show alphabet blocks falling all around you in the real world. The blocks can land on surfaces like floors, tables, and desks. Look all around and find the blocks needed to spell each word in this entertaining and educational new game. Note that the Block Hunt game requires a device with ARKit support.

Super Speller test creation screen

Study the same words used at school

Most children have a new set of vocabulary words to study each week at school. Super Speller makes it easy to create spelling tests using those words. And you can record each word and use it in a sentence, allowing them to prepare for spelling tests just as they will be given at school by their teacher.

Super Speller test screen

Kid friendly design

Super Speller has a whimsical design with large buttons that are easy for little fingers to hit.

Our app also features a unique smiley hint functionality. When smiley hints are enabled, a smiley face appears on the test screen. The smiley face will periodically glance down at their answer and offer facial cues based on whether or not the word is being spelled correctly.

Super Speller whiteboard theme

A style for everyone

While we think the chalkboard theme is great, some will prefer the look of the new whiteboard theme in version 2. The whiteboard offers a slightly cleaner look. And now in version 5 we've added two more themes: comic book and a plain theme where higher contrast is desired.

Super Speller word search

Be a spelling detective

There are more ways to learn spelling than rote memorization. Use your spelling words to create word search puzzles with a single tap. Every word search puzzle is generated randomly so you're virtually guaranteed a unique puzzle every time. And if you're a fan of word scramble, Super Speller has that now too!

Super Speller test grading screen

See your grade immediately

As soon as your child has finished their spelling test and is ready to grade, the grading screen will appear and let them know just how well they've done. After grading, Super Speller also gives them the option to retake the entire test, or just those words that they spelled incorrectly.

Super Speller celebration screen

A little extra incentive

Super Speller includes extras, such as the balloon drop for a perfect score, to entertain, reward, and provide an extra boost of motivation to go the extra mile and make sure each answer is correct.

In the case of the balloons, they are fully interactive. They tumble across the screen as it is tilted. They can be tossed about by dragging them with your finger, and they can be popped. And when all of the balloons have been popped, you can always retake a test and get more!

Super Speller dictionary

Boost your vocabulary and spelling skills

Super Speller takes advantage of the dictionary included with iOS to boost your vocabulary. Most dictionary entries include a pronunciation key, usage examples, and information on word origins. Invaluable when preparing for a spelling bee.

Super Speller test results screen

Monitor your child's progress

Super Speller records all of your child's spelling test results, allowing you to easily monitor their improvement and identify those words that may be giving them trouble.

Super Speller test sharing screen

Plays well with others

Our app lets you share your tests with other Super Speller users. With a single click, you can email your test to a friend, study group, or even the entire class! Great for homeschoolers, teachers, and educators.

We also have support for iCloud so you can synchronize your spelling tests and test results across multiple devices. Version 5 adds support for third party sharing such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

Sample Tests

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