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Goalposts timeline screen

Your day at a glance

Goalposts offers unique approach to tracking everything that's important to you. Every entry you create is represented on a timeline. Timed entries show up as banners spanning the time that activity was active. All other entries appear as signs. The height of each indicates how close you were to your goal or limit at that point in time.

Displaying your activities in a timeline allows you to see them relative to everything else that was happening during the day. This allows you to more easily determine if there are other activities which help, or hinder, your progress.

Goalposts event entry

Give it a spin

Most everyone agrees that the first step in achieving your goals is awareness. You need to track your activities in order to determine your progress, but you're not going to track your progress if it's a chore. We designed Goalposts to provide the least amount of friction in recording your information and, dare we say, made it a little fun. To add a new entry, pop into Goalposts, open the wheel, spin to your desired activity and go!

Goalposts goal manager screen

Let me count the ways

Goals can be defined in so many ways. Maybe you want to spend more time on an activity? Maybe less? Maybe you want to save for retirement, exercise more, eat less, improve your game? And what timeframe are you targeting? Every day? Week? Month? Not sure yet? Goalpost can handle it all and in any unit of measurement you can dream up.

Maybe you don't even have a target in mind and you're just curious how you're spending your time. Or maybe you just need to track your billable hours for a client. We've got you covered there too.

Goalposts progress screen

30,000 foot view

The timeline is great for looking at recent items and how your activities flow together, but you may want to see a snapshot of your progress towards all of your goals. The overview screen provides this information. Each activity is presented on the overview screen, grouped together by timeframe, and color coded so you can easily see which items are on track and which need more attention. As with the timeline, you can look back at your progress at any point in time. Seeing how far you've come can be a powerful motivator to continue pushing forward.

Goalposts sidebar notifications

Get notified

Goalposts periodically examines your activities to determine if you've reached a goal, set a new record, or earned a reward, and notifies you when any of these occur. It can be a big boost to see another record has just fallen, or you've earned some extra calories after a hard workout. Just another way Goalposts encourages you to keep pushing to reach your goals.

Goalposts detailed list screen

Deep dive

Goalposts lets you zoom into the details of each entry recorded for an activity. The detail list screen shows each entry and the part it played towards reaching, or not reaching a goal. You can also see how your goals changed over time.

Also, goals can be easier to reach if you break them down into smaller mini-goals. Goalposts allows you do this and keeps track of how your target changed over time. You don't keep moving the finish line further away, you cross it, celebrate that victory and head for the next.

Goalposts graph screen


While we can examine our activities from the timeline, overview, and detail list screens, sometimes nothing less than a graph will do. Trends and progress can be easier to spot when looking at information on a graph. Our graphs allow you to view each activity by day, week, month, or year.

Goalposts reward screen

You've earned it

Basic goals can handle almost every situation, but we've gone a little further and added some additional functionality that really lets you fine tune your settings. We call these "Extras" and they allow you to create rewards, adjust your target by the amount you were over (or under) your target the previous period, link activities such as running to exercise. Just to name a few. Over your calories target? If you've created a reward for exercise to increase your target, a workout may give you the bonus you need to meet today's goal. These extras provide powerful organizational tools and incentives to make it easier to reach and track your goals.

Goalposts stats screen

Records are made to be broken

Breaking a personal best can be a powerful motivator, whether that's weighing in with a new low on the bathroom scale, or beating a 4 minute mile. Goalposts keeps all of your personal bests (and worsts) available for you to examine at any time. We also take note of how many times in a row you complete a goal and display your current, and record streaks. Extending your winning streak is also a great motivator to keep up the good work.

Goalposts export screen

Get out what you put in

Sometimes you need to access your data outside of the Goalposts app. You may wish to share your progress with a friend, or provide a client with billable hours, or simply make sure you have a backup of your data. Whatever the reason, Goalposts includes the ability to export your entries to a CSV file which can be opened in most any spreadsheet. Just choose the Goal and the time period you're interested in, and Goalposts will do the rest.

While there are a ton of features in Goalposts, we're continuously looking for ways to improve it. Whether that's adding a new feature or making existing features better. You see, we're not just developers, but users as well. We created Goalposts to track our own goals and the things that are important to us. And we continue to use it to every day. It works quite well for us, and we hope you'll give it a try and let us know if it works for you.