Super Speller: It’s not just for spelling!

I was entering my son’s spelling words into Super Speller this week and was thinking how much easier this app has made our lives. Five months into it and he is still making a 100 on every spelling test in school! As I was entering and recording his words, I started thinking that there are other things I could do with Super Speller that goes beyond just spelling.

First, I must admit that I love doing the word search and word scramble. I have found myself doing these after I add his new words in each week. I am also known to create tests with words for myself just so I can play. So the other day as I was volunteering at his school, I was really wishing that I had learned Spanish. I had another parent trying to communicate with me and neither of us knew what the other was saying. Then it hit me… I bet Super Speller can help!

So now I have started my journey toward learning to speak Spanish. The wonderful thing about Super Speller is when you are recording, you can say whatever you want. I can create a test and type any Spanish words I want to learn. For example, say I would like to learn the word for mother in Spanish. First, I would type the word “madre” on the spelling word line. Next, I would record “what is the word for mother”. Once I have my test created, I am ready to study. When I study, I can hear the English word and see the Spanish word. When I take my test I am ready to type the Spanish word for mother.

Of course you can create the test however you would like. If you prefer to hear the Spanish word, you can always say the word in your recording. I have found that there are many ways to study a foreign language with Super Speller. You just have to find what works best for you.

I was discussing with my daughter, who is in high school, that she would be able to use this app when she starts her foreign language next year. She told me that she actually wanted to start using it now to help her study for her History tests. She explained to me that she could type the answers to the questions on the spelling word line and for her recording, ask the question to that answer. I was amazed!

What started out as an app to help my son with spelling has turned out to do so much more! I hope that other Super Speller users are also finding many other possibilities to enrich their child’s and their own knowledge.

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