Super Speller 5.2.2

A new update to Super Speller has been released this morning. We’ve been continuing to work on small refinements to make the app better and better as we plan for the next big thing.

In this release we’ve been working on making some behind the scenes changes that might not be noticeable, like an improved test document format, but it makes a big difference! We also do a better job checking for things like empty or otherwise broken tests. We’ve also added a few changes like allowing the words to be deleted in the test editor by simply swing left and no longer asking if a re-test should use incorrect answers when all of the answers were correct. There are some other small changes as well. These are all minor details but we believe they add up to big improvements overall.

Check it out on the App Store and, if you could, please rate or review us. It really helps us out a lot!

Casey & Susie

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