Super Speller 5.2.0

Last month we mentioned that we were working on making audio handling better in Super Speller and we think we made some great progress in that area in latest release of Super Speller.

The first thing you’ll notice is that you no longer have to record an audio prompt for each of your spelling words. If no prompt is recorded, Super Speller will speak the word for you. While we believe it’s most helpful to hear each word used in a sentence, we also understand that people are busy and sometimes there isn’t time to record a prompt for each word right away.

If you do record a prompt you’ll notice we’ve added a little meter below the record button to make it easier to see how loudly you’re speaking. We’ve also added a message below the play button to let you know when your volume might be too low.

Another audio related change we made has to do with background audio. We struggled with this a bit but realize that some prefer to study while listening to music on their iPad or iPhone. Super Speller will no longer prevent background audio from playing. It will automatically lower the volume or momentarily pause then resume background audio as needed, but the decision to play background audio is up to each user.

In addition to the audio related changes, we’ve made lots of other little tweaks and fixes including a new word search layout that makes much better use of space.

Super Speller 5.2.0 is available now on the App Store and we hope you love it. As always we would appreciate any feedback by way of a review on the App Store or contact us on Facebook or Twitter.

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