Super Speller 4.1 Is Now Available

Super Speller version 4.1 is here! We have added more ways to share tests, including support for AirDrop. Word lists are now numbered when using the iPad. We also fixed a problem where tests could sometimes not be deleted.

We had teachers request more ways to share tests. Of course we listened and as a result, Super Speller now has support for AirDrop. Using AirDrop is a quick way to share a test with another device that is nearby. You can also share with third party services like Dropbox.

The iPad now has numbered word lists. This is especially handy when you are creating a test. Having numbers makes it much easier to see if you have missed entering any words.

As for the problem where tests could sometimes not be deleted, well that was just silly! We took care of that issue and now when you want to delete a test, you can actually delete it.

Once again we want to thank all of the teachers and parents who send us emails. We love reading your suggestions of how we can make Super Speller even better!


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