Terrella: The Snake Walkthrough

We have had several requests for walkthrough videos of Terrella levels. We decided The Snake would be a great level for the first walkthrough. The Snake is the first level where beautiful, yet deadly, glowing walls appear. This level requires some patience as you will probably die many times! However, the feeling of accomplishment when you complete this level may have you screaming and doing a little fist pump.

The Snake video will show that fast is not always better. Slow down, take your time, and be patient. Enjoy!

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Terrella Freebie: Tweet!

Hello Terrellians! We are excited to see so many new scores on the Terrella leaderboards. As a thank you, we have a special freebie for all of our followers. To get the new free level, tap freebie from your iOS device (be sure that you’re viewing this post in a browser like Safari).  Tap Open in “Terrella” and the new level, called Tweet!, can be found on the level picker under Freebies.


We designed Terrella from the beginning to be able to add new levels without requiring an update to the app so don’t be surprised if more freebies show up from time to time. And, if the interest is there, maybe even open it up so you can create your own levels. Be sure to let us know what you think!

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Terrella for iOS Is Here

After fifteen months of hard work, we are so proud to introduce Terrella! A game that we like to call unapologetically challenging. We have had a lot of fun developing this game together. Seeing the transformation it has made from beginning to end is truly amazing.

Terrella is a game that is as challenging for the reflexes as it is for the mind. This is a game for those who love puzzles. Players use the four color control system while trying to remember that opposite colors attract each other and identical colors repel. Mastering this concept will help players find solutions to remove the obstacles that stand between Terrella and the goal.


  • A control system that will challenge the mind
  • Multiplayer mode, through Apple’s Game Center, allows you to race against your friends in real time
  • Chat in multiplayer mode allows you to chat while playing with your friends in real time (we find this a lot of fun).
  • Levels can be played in any order.


We hope you enjoy the uncommon game play that Terrella has to offer. We look forward to seeing you on the Leaderboards!

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Super Speller Version 3.4.1

Summer is quickly coming to an end and it has been a busy one! As parents and students prepare for another year of school, we have prepared an update to Super Speller to get you started.

In this version, Super Speller checks for microphone access and explains how to enable it if necessary. We have received many emails asking how to access the microphone. With that in mind, we thought this update would come in handy, especially for our new customers.

We also fixed a problem where the app could incorrectly indicate that recording was in progress when it wasn’t. We do not like to have bugs in our apps and always squash them as soon as we become aware. This update also came from an email we received from a user. As you can see, we care about our customers! Please feel free to contact us anytime.

We still have many plans for Super Speller so keep checking back for updates. You can also check our other pages for a little sneak peek at what we’ve been up to!

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Ring In The New Year With Goalposts

timeline_5It’s time again to ring in a New Year. With a new year comes new resolutions and goals you would like to achieve. Goalposts can keep you on track, helping you to reach your goals.

Maybe you want to exercise more, lose weight, and track your calories. Goalposts can easily help you keep track of it all. We help you post your goals your way, including time spent, hours worked, medicine, studying, and everything that’s important to you.

Want to save more and spend less money? Just set your goals and Goalposts can let you quickly see if you are on track to reach your target. This helps you to know if you are saving the amount you set for your goal. It also helps you to see where your money is going to help you decide where you need to make changes.

• Unlimited Flexibility: lets you record your goals and activities in any unit of measure you can think up
• Multiple screen views: allows you to see how your activities flow together throughout the day or gives you more in depth information for individual activities
• Notifications: let you know when you’ve reached a goal, set a new record, and even earn rewards
• Graphing: gives you the ability to easily see your trends and progress for an activity by day, week, month, or year
• Record Tracking: provides you with stats so you can see your personal bests and worsts and keeps up with your streaks for how many times you have completed an activity
• Export: lets you quickly share any data with the ability to export any of your entries to a CSV file
No matter what your goals might be, we wish you the best of luck in reaching them. As users ourselves, we know how hard it can be to make changes in your life. We hope Goalposts can make it a little easier and wish you a very happy New Year!



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