A New Game For a New Year

How did we spend our summer vacation here at Quiet Spark? By adding a new game to Super Speller! Last year we added the amazing augmented reality game: Block Hunt. This year we’re also using fancy 3D rendering to bring you a fun new memory matching game. We’re calling it Match Game. Clever, yes?

When starting a new game pairs of flash cards containing your spelling words fall down onto the screen giving you a few moments to try and follow where they end up, but you have to pay close attention! Simply tap a card to reveal each word and try to remember where its companion is. Cards do a little happy dance when they find their partner and then cheer you on from the sidelines as the game continues. Little touches throughout are designed to bring a smile and keep players coming back for more.

Our new Match Game is available in Super Speller version 6.0. We hope you’ll love it!

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