All Good Things Must End

Hard to believe it’s been nine years since Susie and I created Super Speller to help our son who was struggling with his spelling. Encouraged by the improvement we saw in his spelling we decided to make Super Speller available on the App Store and to continue to improve it over the years. With the experience we gained, we created two additional apps, Goalposts and Terrella, which didn’t breakthrough in the same fashion as Super Speller, but all of our apps had their fans for whom we are so very grateful. We poured our heart and soul into bringing our apps to the world. While we never expected to become App Store tycoons, we hoped to be able to at least offset our costs. The first few years we did that and even a little extra, but the writing has been on the wall for the last couple years. Though this journey has been rewarding in many ways that aren’t financial, we have now passed the point where we’re not really breaking even which is increasingly difficult to justify in these uncertain times.

Given that, Susie and I have made the very difficult decision to wind down Quiet Spark this year and remove our apps from the App Store. That doesn’t mean these apps will disappear from your devices, nor do we plan to disappear. Our intention is to continue to provide the kind of customer support we have prided ourselves on over the years.

We want to thank you all so very much for your support over the years.

Casey & Susie

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A New Game For a New Year

How did we spend our summer vacation here at Quiet Spark? By adding a new game to Super Speller! Last year we added the amazing augmented reality game: Block Hunt. This year we’re also using fancy 3D rendering to bring you a fun new memory matching game. We’re calling it Match Game. Clever, yes?

When starting a new game pairs of flash cards containing your spelling words fall down onto the screen giving you a few moments to try and follow where they end up, but you have to pay close attention! Simply tap a card to reveal each word and try to remember where its companion is. Cards do a little happy dance when they find their partner and then cheer you on from the sidelines as the game continues. Little touches throughout are designed to bring a smile and keep players coming back for more.

Our new Match Game is available in Super Speller version 6.0. We hope you’ll love it!

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Super Speller 5.2.3

We’ve got a new update to Super Speller out this morning! The biggest change is the ability to print or share word search worksheets as PDFs. You can do that by tapping the Share button on the spelling words section of the Word Search screen. We think it’s pretty awesome and hopefully you do too. We’ve also made a few other tweaks, including several “behind the scenes” changes which you hopefully won’t notice. These changes are to make sure Super Speller continues to run great on future iOS updates.

We hope you like this update and welcome any feedback. As always you can grab the latest release on the App Store.

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Super Speller 5.2.2

A new update to Super Speller has been released this morning. We’ve been continuing to work on small refinements to make the app better and better as we plan for the next big thing.

In this release we’ve been working on making some behind the scenes changes that might not be noticeable, like an improved test document format, but it makes a big difference! We also do a better job checking for things like empty or otherwise broken tests. We’ve also added a few changes like allowing the words to be deleted in the test editor by simply swing left and no longer asking if a re-test should use incorrect answers when all of the answers were correct. There are some other small changes as well. These are all minor details but we believe they add up to big improvements overall.

Check it out on the App Store and, if you could, please rate or review us. It really helps us out a lot!

Casey & Susie

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Super Speller 5.2.1

We’ve released a small update to Super Speller today. This update is focused mainly on a few bug fixes, but also improves Parental Locking based on feedback from Apple.

The Parental Lock must now be enabled before attempting to access any content outside the app. This would be all of the items at the bottom of the Settings screen such as “Rate us on the App Store”, “Visit our web site”, “Get sample tests”, etc. While it may not be quite as convenient, it will help prevent our younger users from accessing content that may not be age appropriate.

Super Speller 5.2.1 is available now on the App Store. Let us know what you think with a review on the App Store or contact us on Facebook or Twitter.

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