About Quiet Spark

Casey - @somegeekintn
Susie - @somemomintn

Quiet Spark is a husband and wife team creating iPhone and iPad apps to solve everyday problems and, occasionally, just for fun.

We began with Super Speller, our first app for the iPad. Our son was struggling with his spelling, and studying could be frustrating for him and us at times. It is said that necessity is the mother of invention and that was certainly the case here. We set out to create an app that he would enjoy using and also give us the ability to monitor his progress. The result is Super Speller. Since he's been using Super Speller, his spelling grades have definitely turned around. Encouraged by his improvement, we decided to share Super Speller with other parents looking for ways to improve their children's spelling. We hope it helps your child as much as it has helped ours.

Goalposts was created for the changes our family was making in our lives. We were all trying to lose weight, exercise, and eat healthier. We needed to track our children’s time spent reading and working on homework. We also wanted to have reminders for the things we needed to do regularly. We wanted to keep it simple and have one app that let us track everything.

Terrella was created as a need for a game to play that was like no other. We decided to try something fun with a new app. We really enjoyed making this one together and have been having a lot of fun playing against each other. We hope you and your family enjoys Terrella as much as we do.

- The Quiet Spark Team.